Fame Jr. | Rooftop / HKUSPACE

Some of my photos of Fame Jr. produced by Rooftop Productions (which is actually me and Michelle) for HKUSPACE Community College, directed by Michelle Li. Fame Jr produced by HKUSPACE community college, directed by Michelle Li. Photo: Ivor Houlker. Fame Jr produced by HKUSPACE community college, directed by Michelle Li. Photo: Ivor Houlker. Fame Jr […]

The Puppet Whisperers Rehearsal, 21st May

Rehearsal Photos for The Puppet Whisperers

I’ve been posting my photos on my Hong Kong production company website again and neglecting to update this one enough. Here are some recent rehearsal shots – I took these in my capacity as an actor rather than a photographer really! Main post is over at Rooftop Productions. (more…)



I’ve been slow to update recently, because I do most of my photography for my Hong Kong company now. Here’s a shot from Guangzhou – I’ve been doing theatre stuff in the mainland and just came back. (more…)

Sidekick JCCAC Performance

Sidekick Project

I’ve been documenting the puppetry project I’m doing here in Hong Kong – lots of photos but mainly it’s going on my other website for performance work. If you want to see the puppetry photos, have a look at my Sidekick Project journal.

Street photos in Sam Shui Po

Sam Shui Po

Some fun street photos from today. It’s the official start of winter here in Hong Kong (according to the lunar calendar). Lots of LED shops for interesting lighting And framing This is the magnets and old broadcast cameras specialty shop. Drills.

Eye-fi Photosmith Workflow

Eye-fi iPad Workflow

I only just discovered this and it’s so useful that I have to share it. I’ve had Photosmith on my iPad since before Lightroom mobile existed, but never got much use out of it because of the way the iPad restricts the camera connection kit to import all your RAW files, and strip their names […]

Chinese Puppetry Workshops Day 2

Photographing Puppetry

I’ve been taking part in some Chinese puppetry workshops here in Hong Kong at the JCCAC (中國偶戲在香港 Sidekick Project), and while I’ve primarily just been enjoying them as a participant I did take some photos at the end – they had an official photographer and I didn’t want to get in the way too much. […]

Miss Rose Cast at Yuen Long Theatre by Theatre Noir

Character Portraits from Miss Rose

I've shot Miss Rose before, so I wanted to do a little bit of extra work to justify Theatre Noir continuing to employ me to shoot it. I brought a single flash with me, and just enough batteries to get through the whole cast using it at full power. The setup was a single flash with a shoot through umbrella, at quite a high angle, with a silver reflector beneath - almost clamshell but with the umbrella slightly offset to camera left. I was working in the wings at Yuen Long, where there is loads of space, but the light is a little bit unpredictable around shows, because it's being turned off and on for various purposes. I therefore wanted as much power out of the flash as possible to make the background go black regardless of the level of ambient light. I think most of these are at 1/160, f/5.6, ISO 100 (you can check by clicking on them.)

Miss Rose at Yuen Long Theatre by Theatre Noir

Miss Rose at Yuen Long Theatre

This is actually the third time I've photographed this show. This time, Theatre Noir are putting it on in a much larger venue out at Yuen Long, and asked me to photograph it again. The lights and scale of things are a little bigger, so I tried to capture more of that. Lots of lens flare from the moving lights! Sometimes it works nicely... sometimes it looks like someone went a little crazy in photoshop. I'm planning to do another post about theatre photography soon, which might include some of those as examples. For now, here are the shots from Miss Rose:

Ivor Houlker Actor's Headshot for Theatre and Performance

New Headshots for Myself

Shot on my rooftop this evening with a little bit of help. These are mainly for my performance work: Ivor Houlker Theatre and Performance.

Trip to Big Buddha

More Tourism at the Big Buddha

This is another bit of Hong Kong I've never seen before, but usually one of the main attractions for tourists. The big buddha is exactly what it sounds like: an impressively large buddha comparatively recently erected at the site of an ancient temple, around which a Disneyland of piped Chinesesque music, Japanese chopsticks shops and Starbucks has grown. Incense is available in RMB, and there is a massive almost-convincing Bodhi tree made out of plastic. I can highly recommend it to anyone concerned with materialism, narcissism, capitalism or any of the other main tenets of classical buddhist teaching.

Tourism in Stanley, Hong Kong

Doing the Tourism Thing in Stanley, Hong Kong

I've been in Hong Kong for a while now, but I still haven't really done any of the proper tourist stuff. I went to Stanley today for the first time and took some touristy photos - I really quite enjoyed it. Today has been the coldest day of the year so far, so a strange day to choose to go to the beach. This meant it was relatively quiet though. There was still an ice cream van in spite of it being November. The 'traditional' market probably had more Western faces than I've seen in all my time here so far.

Character headshots from Superheroes

Character Headshots | Superheroes

I took these for my own show, so not a headshots job as such. This was the full cast of Superheroes Don't Give a Shit! in their costumes (including me as a hedgehog.) The setup was very simple - one flash on camera right into a hastily assembled V-flat made of foam board (the back of old banners gaffer taped into a 7 foot high flat). A bare flash to the rear on camera left pointed at the subject's back on fairly low power (1/32 I think). The background is a wrinkly projection screen with two floods borrowed from the theatre pointed at it from the floor. Both were gelled with the appropriate colour for the character's 'superhero school' - and then hastily turned off because the floods do a really good job of melting through gels. The shot of Alfie has no gels on the floods, so that's just the colour they are relative to the flashes. There is very little editing and no photoshop on these, because they were shot the night before they had to be printed. We used black and white crops from these for the house programme, and the colour versions were hung in the foyer, replacing the theatre's usual show photos in their frames.

1967 Front

1967 Poster and Programme Shoot

I was invited by Alfie Leung to come and shoot the art for his poster/promotional concept for the performance of 1967 by the improbably named Pants Theatre. The company sounds very interesting, creating verbatim theatre, and this is a subject that even I had no idea about previously; the 1967 riot in Hong Kong. (more…)


Hong Kong Theatre | Character Headshots

More shots from Theatre Noir’s My Daddy Long Legs. Image design/makeup etc. for the characters was by Image: Victor J. Tong. It wasn’t actually part of my brief to shoot these, but I set up a one light style ghetto studio backstage, cajoling the cast into coming for portraits when they were free (some before […]

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