Actors Headshots in London

Actors’ Headshots

I offer professional industry standard headshots for actors and performers in the London area. My headshot work is used on Spotlight and other casting websites, and is great for printing 8x10s to go with your acting CV.

I specialise high quality headshots, and I have an in depth knowledge of what you need in order to get work in the acting industry. If it's your first time getting headshots, I can help guide you through the process and make sure you get headshots that will really make you stand out.  I have worked as an actor as well as a photographer, and I can identify with you on the other end of the camera and bring out more of your individuality and character in the photos. I regularly talk to casting directors about what they look for in a headshot so I stay up to date with what's needed. I know that however experienced you might be as an actor, having your headshots done isn't easy and it takes some time to get comfortable with it. I take my time to help you to relax, and get to know you a little so I can capture something that really represents you as a person and a performer.

Most importantly though, you should take a look at my previous work to see if you like my style. Different photographers will have different ways of lighting and editing, so you should really find one that you like.

Actors Headshots in London

Why is it important to have good quality headshots?

A headshot is the first thing a casting director or agent will look at, and a quality headshot that stands out can make the difference between getting your CV seen or not. Not only do the technical aspects like lighting and composition need to be great, but it needs to capture your character and individuality so that you really stand out.

Headshot Portfolio

For some more examples of my work , please take a look at my Actors' Headshots Portfolio. I have worked with a wide variety of actors from different ethnicities and age groups. I regularly post updates about my latest headshot sessions in my photo blog, with comments about lighting and techniques to help other photographers.

About Headshot Sessions

  • The shoot lasts roughly two hours so you have time to relax
  • The shoot includes indoor and outdoor urban environments
  • You can use unlimited changes of clothing, hair etc. - I recommend bringing a few options
  • You'll get six final images cropped and edited to a professional standard, for print and web
  • Hundreds of images provided for your selection securely online
  • Flexible booking times including weekends
  • In the UK, I'm based in New Cross in South East London - I can meet you at either New Cross or New Cross Gate station.
  • In Hong Kong, the shoot will be near Diamond Hill MTR, or other locations (at your arrangement) on request.
  • Contact me to discuss the possibility of shooting elsewhere - I like working on location.

Session Fee

Contact me for a quote - this varies according to your requirements, but is generally under HK$2,000 or £200. Students get a discount.


I reply to both email and phone contact within the day. Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests about specific needs you might have.

Tel.: 07906 292 950
Tel. in Hong Kong: 9821 0989


How long does a shoot take?

I try to spend up to two hours on a shoot. This is usually long enough to get a good selection of shots, but I'm something of a perfectionist so if we haven't got the right shot for you, I can keep working to make sure we get it. Equally if you're on a tight schedule I can try to work faster, but I suggest leaving at least two hours as the results will be much better if you have time to relax. I will send you the originals for selection on the day. If you require a CD let me know in advance and be aware that this takes additional time. Otherwise files will be put into a secure passworded online gallery (usable on moble phones and ipads). Files will also be easily downloadable from my private ftp.

How many photos do you take?

I'll be taking several hundred frames during the session. All shots will be of a high standard in terms of lighting and sharpness, so the choice will be down to what expression works best to represent you as an actor. I can give you a free choice of all the images shot, but I can also advise as to what I think works given my experience. It can be a bit daunting to look through a lot of images to find the right ones, so the method I would recommend is one of comparative review. Bring up six or eight images at once and pick the best, then go on to the next bunch. Then do the same to the narrowed down selection. Don't just look through one image at a time or you'll be there for hours.

How many images will I get?

I'll edit up six final images in either black & white and colour. I will then provide these in the correct format for print, as well as web use - and I can help optimize them for your different needs. I'll also provide you with all the original shots in order to allow you to make your selection. This is an example of what kind of images you can expect:

Leah Georges Actors Headshots Example

Colour or Black & White?

I do all of my editing work on the original colour file that I shoot. I then convert to black and white, so I always provide both black & white and colour versions to clients. Some photographers just provide black & white because it's the industry standard and it's faster to edit, but it means you can't go back to the colour version when you need an edited version of that. There are many occasions where you will want to use a colour version, even though it's not the standard in the UK.

Where are you based?

I am based in New Cross in South East London. I'm a very short walk from both New Cross and New Cross Gate stations. I am able to meet you at either station - or if you're local just get in touch and we can organise to meet wherever's convenient.

Do you shoot digital or film?

I always shoot headshots digitally. Recent advances in digital photography have made the quality good enough to compete with film. Taking a large quantity of photos is no longer a problem, so this is by far the best way of capturing fleeting moments of expression that work well for headshots.

What editing do you do?

I work on colour balance or black & white conversion and levelling in Photoshop and Lightroom - I generally remove temporary spots and blemishes, stray hairs, and bring out the eyes a little, along with a few other small tweaks. I try to do most of the work in the shot itself through careful control of lighting.

Do you offer student discounts?

I know it's tough starting out as an actor after drama school, or at any time really, so I offer a concessionary price of £100 for students.

How should I prepare for the shoot?

You needn't do anything special - just don't stay up all night before the shoot! Don't get a drastic haircut the day before the shoot, or spend hours doing make-up - the less effort you put in, the more natural and the headshot will be, and the more it will look like you.

What clothes should I bring?

I would advise you to bring a few different tops, including both light and dark options. Plain colours and simple collars generally work better, but if you have something characterful in mind for a portfolio then feel free to add something different.

Should I wear make-up?

I would encourage you not to wear make-up at all, or to keep it as minimal and natural as possible.

Do you do other types of photos as well as actors' headshots?

​Yes - I have a wide range of interests though photographing people is my main focus. If you are looking for something in particular, such as promotional shots, or performance shots, please contact me to discuss.