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Ivor Houlker is a London-based performer, actor, musician and photographer.
My Daddy Long Legs | Theatre Noir

Theatre in Hong Kong | My Daddy Long Legs

Performance photos (from the dress rehearsal) of My Daddy Long Legs, created by Theatre Noir in Hong Kong. This was performed at Yuen Long theatre, directed by William Yip. My Daddy Long Legs | Theatre Noir (more…)

Ivor in Hong Kong

Videography in China and More News

I’ve recently moved to Hong Kong, which has meant I’ve been a little too busy doing things to write about doing things. I photographed the show and rehearsals for a musical performed (by Theatre Noir) at the Yuen Long Theatre. I also did cast character portraits for them. I shot a version of Woman in […]

Penny Francis, In the Zone of Stones

In the Zone of Stones

This is a video I’ve been working on with Mischa Twitchin, who created the live performance based on text from “Ill Seen Ill Said” by Samuel Beckett. The piece is performed by Penny Francis, and I shot it with a couple of cameras without any cuts – ideally it should be possible to switch between […]


Video Project | Sweet Sauce Egg

This is a recipe dramatisation based on a true story, and real food, cooked by a real person. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the name of this particular dish. Apparently the HKSAR-approved interpretation of the spelling is ‘Swiss Sauce Egg’, which is often misinterpreted by foreigners as ‘Sweet Sauce Egg’ on account of […]


Actor’s Headshots | Leah Gaffey

These actor’s headshots for Leah Gaffey were shot the week after I did the headshots for Leah Georges, which presented a unique challenge as each Leah has a different pronunciation but the same spelling. Having overcome this it was a very enjoyable shoot. Leah (this Leah) is considerably Welsher than I, and we had a […]

Performance photography in london, actor, actress

Dim Sum Nights Performance Photographs

I was asked to photograph one of the shows on as part of the ‘Dim Sum Nights’ events hosted by Yellow Earth. Michelle was acting in the piece (though she’s not pictured here), and it was directed by her friend Pizza Lee. The actors here are Soraya Chau and Andy Yau [Edit: Corrected to stage […]

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Spotlight Photos | Kea Ashby

I shot these actor’s headshots / spotlight photos for Kea on a miraculously sunny morning last weekend. It was raining when I woke up, but cleared up just in time, only to rain again after we’d finished. Kea’s mum, Karen, came along for the shoot and helped me out a lot by looking after Kea’s […]

London actors' headshot retouching - photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial Video – Frequency Separation

What is Frequency Separation? And why am I doing a tutorial in which I apparently do absolutely nothing to the photo? That’s because this is a very useful and popular technique in professional retouching, that people on youtube generally spend hours trying to teach. There’s a video out there called ‘super fast frequency separation technique’ […]

actor's headshot photographer london - Maria Naess

Actor’s Headshots | Maria Naess

These photos are from an actor’s headshot session last week with Maria Naess. We were working at quite a busy time but we still found plenty of great outdoor locations for the shoot. Maria’s a Norwegian actress currently studying at Goldsmiths. (more…)

Andrew Dawson - Goldsmiths PRF - The Articulate Hand

Andrew Dawson | Goldsmiths PRF

Goldsmiths regularly hosts Performance Research Forums in the George Wood Theatre. While I was doing my MA there I attended all of them, and as I still live in New Cross I was very interested to attend this particular PRF by Andrew Dawson, The Articulate Hand. Dawson has a particularly interesting take on the integral […]

Leah Georges - Actor's showreel, audition tape

Interested In 30 Seconds (Leah Georges Film Challenge)

This is Leah, looking suddenly quite interested in something. Video This was a video audition tape I made for Leah Georges, which was a bit of a challenge but turned out to be a lot of fun. We had a couple of hours to film, edit and submit this – Leah had been asked to […]

Actor's Headshots - Leah Georges

Leah Georges | Actor’s Headshots

This set of actor’s headshots for Leah Georges was shot last Sunday Morning in New Cross – and we had excellent weather for it. In fact it was so sunny that it was difficult to use any open spaces without causing Leah to squint – through no fault of her own, I might add. We […]

Leah Georges portrait headshot

Portrait from Leah Georges Session Yesterday

I was shooting headshots for Leah yesterday, and we tried something fun at the end with her slicking back her hair. I’ll post some more of the ‘proper’ acting headshots from the session after Leah’s chosen them. (more…)