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Corporate Headshots | Claire Millington

I haven't had much time to blog recently, but here are some recent corporate shots. This is Claire Millington, who actually heard about my work through her classics connections with my mum. Claire has a fantastically varied background, but she's just starting her PhD and wanted some professional headshots for conferences, LinkedIn, college records and so on. I worked on location at her flat, using very minimal space and time, getting a couple of different looks.

'Studio' look.

This was achieved using a grey blind as a background, with an umbrella as the key light, covered in black cloth to prevent excessive bounce off the white walls and ceiling - in a small white room, black pieces of material are very useful for this. The background is lit by a single speedlite hidden behind Claire and pointing back. There's a reflector balanced on the table out of camera left.
Claire Millington - Corporate headshot for linkedin

'Outdoors' look.

This setup is exactly the same, but with the blind raised and the window open (and the door closed to prevent the cats escaping from the fifth floor window!). I moved claire forward slightly to blur the background as much as possible within the length of the room, and kept the lighting the same except for the removal of the rear flash. I think it's at f/2.8 with the flash on very low power.

Claire Millington - Corporate headshot for linkedin

These are the square cropped versions I provided for LinkedIn.

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