Actor’s Headshots | Leah Gaffey

These actor's headshots for Leah Gaffey were shot the week after I did the headshots for Leah Georges, which presented a unique challenge as each Leah has a different pronunciation but the same spelling. Having overcome this it was a very enjoyable shoot. Leah (this Leah) is considerably Welsher than I, and we had a nice relaxed shoot in spite of the unpromising weather.



I lit this particular headshot (above) indoors, using a grey wall as the backdrop. There was a speedlight hidden behind Leah pointing back at the wall, and a shoot through umbrella up to camera right. This is at 1/200 of a second, f/4.5 and ISO 100. I'm afraid I really can't remember what power or zoom I had the speedlights set to - but guessing from the exposure, the main light was probably a bit over 1/4 and the background light was at something like 1/16 zoomed to 50mm.


There's a little bit of colour work and stylization on the colour versions of these. I've also gone for a slightly wider crop on a couple to show the length of Leah's hair.

Actor's Headshots

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