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Actor’s Headshots | Maria Naess

These photos are from an actor's headshot session last week with Maria Naess. We were working at quite a busy time but we still found plenty of great outdoor locations for the shoot. Maria's a Norwegian actress currently studying at Goldsmiths.

actor's headshots london - Maria Naess


I'll just use the above example to talk about the lighting, because I used a few different set ups. Here I have a shoot through umbrella very close and just above eye level out of camera left at 1/2 power. I'm at 1/250 of a second at f/4, ISO 100. The fill is coming from a white wall out of sight on camera right. I could vary how much fill I got just by moving the whole setup different distances from that wall. I love doing this kind of trick with white walls, ceilings and columns I find on location. The latest shoot I did (I'll write about it soon) I used quite a lot of bounce flash off the white ceilings in covered walkways.

actor's headshots london - Maria Naess


I do add a slight colour grade to some of my headshots, which gives them a very specific look. Even though it is mainly the black and white versions that are required for actor's headshots, I think colour headshots are becoming important too - especially as things move online, where sites like Spotlight allow you to upload additional shots. The colour can come across as a bit less pretentious than black and white if you're using them for a professional social media presence as well. Anyway, I use a few selective curves levels in photoshop to colour grade, and in this example I brought a little bit of blue and green into the shadows, and some yellow into the highlights. It's a tiny adjustment, but it just makes the colour version of the image look slightly more refined.

Actor's Headshots

I'm taking bookings for actors' headshots next month, so get in touch if you'd like to arrange a session.

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