Michelle Li's actor's headshots by Ivor Houlker

Michelle Li | Actor’s Headshots

There were a lot of nice photos from this shoot - but these are the (mostly) standard actor's headshots. This was one of my favourites:

Michelle Li - Colour - Headshots

I also really liked this one without glasses:

Michelle Li - Colour - Headshots

I always shoot and edit headshots in colour, and then do the black and white mix afterwards. Although the industry standard in the UK is 8x10 black and whites, having all the edits for the skin, stray hair etc. in colour means that if you do find you need the colour version - for a different use, or a different country with different standards - then it's very simple. It means I spend a bit longer editing, but it's definitely a less destructive way of doing things - and means I give people both colour and black and white versions of headshots.

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