Some Corporate Headshots on Location

I've been shooting corporate style headshots today in an exotic location - Milton Keynes. This is all a bit of an experiment in doing light weight stuff on location. I had two speedlights, a stand, umbrella, and a reflector. I'm uploading this behind the scenes photo and writing this post from my ipad - all very mobile. And I especially wanted to try lighting the white shirt on a white background. [Edit: I've uploaded some of the photos from the shoot now]

The set up is actually a cream coloured wall in a corner of the room. There's a window to camera left but no direct light.


The flash behind the subject is taped to a mic stand. There's a shoot through umbrella to camera right with the black cover reversed to stop spill onto the ceiling. The subject, Matt, is holding the inside white part of the reflector, while Mair is holding the reflector cover to prevent the main light spilling onto his white shirt. The main light is gelled full CTO, and I colour balanced to compensate, making the background a bit more blue and getting rid of the wallpapery cream look. The main flash is on full power to overpower the daylight from left and to get through the full CTO and umbrella. The back light is 1/16 shooting back at the wall from the middle of the subject's back. I'm at f/5.6 and 1/200. Everything was done in a very small space of about eight feet square.

I'll post the results in a couple of days when I get back to my proper computer for editing - these are just a couple of shots of the same setup with a wider lens to show the equipment.

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