A performance created by the wonderful James Hodgson that I was lucky enough to be involved in.


And here it is! The video (edited version) of A Blank Space, Approximately 8cm Long. Enjoy. 



So, I’ve attempted to add Google +1, Twitter follow and Facebook like buttons to http://www.avoidjars.com/ – would anyone like to test them out for me? (Not just shameless self-promotion, I genuinely wonder if they work)

This was Prague, looking across at the National Theatre, at about five in the morning having finished our performances in the Prague fringe.  This picture allows me to imply that it was the national at which we performing, as opposed to the back room of a pub.


After two solid days of computer nonsense, I finally have a stable version of XP x64 running on my desktop, with Photoshop and Premiere. It even has stereo sound, which is a great improvement over the previous install. Sadly, any attempt at reinstating the drivers for sound and video cards, or updating windows, results in […]

Men Avoid Jars at the Summer Ball

I performed as part of “We Are a Real” Theatre Company last Friday, in ‘Men Avoid Jars’.  We managed well in spite of minimal rehearsal times, and came up with some good new material for our next performance, which is likely to be at Edinburgh.

Day Six

A few more people joined the Theatre Zar workshop in the morning, and we learnt two more songs, as well as going over previous songs. After lunch, there was a concluding talk led by Jarek, and a short discussion about the whole event.  Feedback was very positive on the whole, with a few suggestions for […]

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