Michelle Li's actor's headshots by Ivor Houlker

Michelle Li | Actor’s Headshots

There were a lot of nice photos from this shoot – but these are the (mostly) standard actor’s headshots. This was one of my favourites: I also really liked this one without glasses: I always shoot and edit headshots in colour, and then do the black and white mix afterwards. Although the industry standard in […]

Eliza Soroga at Performance Space, New Crossed Out

Performance Photography at New Crossed Out

This is an interesting one for me, because I was photographing the performances at New Crossed Out – this month at Performance Space in Hackney Wick – and Eliza was doing this durational piece throughout the evening. However, she was doing it in the dark with only a low powered torch balanced on the floor […]

Portrait at Sunset with Flash

Sunset Portrait of Michelle

One of my sessions was cancelled the other day, so I used the time to try some things out with Michelle – as well as doing some standard headshots for her. I like the look of flash with a sunset background, but there aren’t many good places for sunset nearby. This is nowhere near sunset […]

Sydney samuels acting headshots, model portfolio

Sydney Samuels | Actors’ Headshots

I did a headshot session last week for Sydney, who is currently looking to start getting into acting work. She wanted a session aimed at a talent agency that would be for finding acting, TV and modelling work, so we did a lot more full length shots that would work for a modelling portfolio as […]

Teaching my mum to shoot

Shutter Speed: My Mum Shoots Back

My mum, Mair, came down to London a couple of weekends ago, along with her friends Maddy and Anne who are also into photography. We met up around London Bridge and spent some time taking photos of giraffes – an installation at the time. Since my last tutoiral post about shutter speed, my mum got […]

London Bridge Morris Dancer in Borough Market

Morris Men

Can you identify these morris dancers? They were out in London Bridge area the other day and I can’t remember the name of the group – I would have liked to send them some of the pictures I took. If anyone knows, or took a picture including the name on their drum (which I should […]

My mum and a fuji x20

Photos With My Mum in London Bridge

After I started the tutorial series about teaching my mum photography she’s been working very hard. She’s got a new camera (a Fuji X20) and she’s getting to know how to use it. I met up with her and her friends, Anne and Maddy, today around London Bridge to photograph giraffes. The photo above is […]

Sunset in New Cross

Moving House

I haven’t had much time to blog this week – I’ve finished my MA dissertation and started moving house. One of the few wonderful things about the old flat is the view of sunset. This was a few days ago – in New Cross looking towards London – the shard is out of frame to […]

Matilde Menezes Ferreira Headshots

Matilde Menezes Ferreira | Actors’ Headshots

I did these headshots for Matilde last week – I’m really happy with the way they turned out and I thought I’d use a new way of displaying them that shows the different variations in shot, lighting and location that goes on in a shoot.  This kind of arrangement is actually really simple to do […]

Photo of the sky with an 85mm portrait lens

Cloudy Sunset Close Up

I tried photographing this sunset with an unconventional lens and ended up with quite a nice result of just clouds and colours.  1/80 at f/11, ISO 100.   Some post to bring up the contrast.  I noticed my sensor is pretty dusty and got to try out Lightroom 5’s new ‘visualise spots’ option in the […]

Teaching my mum to shoot moving targets

Teaching My Mum To Shoot: Moving Targets

My mum never used to be particularly good at Latin – she has a degree in Maths and worked in IT and teaching for a long time. I can’t remember what she got in her O-level, but I don’t think it was great. While I was studying Latin and Ancient History from scratch at A-level, […]

Focal Lengths - prime lenses for headshots

Tutorial: Focal Lengths for Portraits

I’ve planning to start doing some basic photography tutorial posts, talking about the things I know about and using my photos to demonstrate simple concepts. This post is about using different focal lengths when photographing people. I’m talking about lenses on a crop sensor dslr, so they are equivalent to about 44mm, 80mm, and 130mm […]

Matthew Houlker Corporate-Headshot

Corporate Headshots for Matthew and Mair

I’m sharing some of the corporate style headshots I was doing a couple of days ago. They were for my mum and brother, who live near Milton Keynes. My brother is currently working on starting up as a web designer, and he needed some good looking headshots for his CV, website and social media profiles […]

Alan Turing's Room

Bletchley Park

While I was visiting my mum and brother, we went to see Bletchley Park. We only had an hour to run round before they shut, but it was still great to see it. Pictured above is Alan Turing’s room in one of the huts. (more…)


Some Corporate Headshots on Location

I’ve been shooting corporate style headshots today in an exotic location – Milton Keynes. This is all a bit of an experiment in doing light weight stuff on location. I had two speedlights, a stand, umbrella, and a reflector. I’m uploading this behind the scenes photo and writing this post from my ipad – all […]

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