Performance Photography in London

Theatre Photography

Why hire me to photograph your performance?

I have a particular interest in performance photography, as I also direct and perform. This means I have an intimate understanding and experience of the process of getting great performance images in a theatre or other performance space. If shooting a performance I would usually prefer to shoot during your dress rehearsal. This avoids distracting an audience, and also allows me more room to move about and get different angles. I am also able to get specifically staged shots at your discretion, for use in your promotion and marketing.

Why is it important to have high quality images of your show?

If you're inviting promoters, producers or potential investors to see your performances, or apply for funding for this or other projects, then you can make a much stronger first impression with a quality image that shows your performance in a professional context. However innovative and beautiful your performance looked to the live audience, a bad image of it will not reflect that to a potential promoter. Your images need to reflect the quality and content of the show - having a small selection of excellent images make all the difference in getting your performance seen. This should be obvious for selling tickets, but it's equally integral to getting continued funding and exposure.

Performance Portfolio

For some more examples of my work , please take a look at my Performance Photography Portfolio. I have worked with a lot of different theatre companies and performance artists. I regularly post updates about my latest performance work in my photo blog, with comments and advice about techniques to help other photographers.

Photographing the Show

  • I will arrive at least half an hour before the start of the dress rehearsal to get acquainted with the space
  • Shooting will be unobtrusive and make use of the stage lighting - I will not use on-camera flash and mess up your lighting designer's work as well as the performers' concentration
  • I will provide you with about 40 edited shots that show the full arc of your performance. They will be of a professional standard and fit for use in promotion/reviews etc.

Session Fee

This varies depending on the performance and location. Please contact me for a quote.


I reply to both email and phone contact within the day. You can contact me with any questions or requests about specific needs you might have.

Tel.: 07906 292 950


Can you just come to a public show and shoot?

I prefer not to shoot during a public show, but if your show involves audience interaction it might be essential - please contact me to discuss this.

Will your shots be dark and blurry like my previous ones?

In short, no. If your show is in such an extremely low light environment that I can't shoot great photos, I will let you know what I can do to make it possible. Otherwise, I will certainly not charge you for shooting blurry photos of it.

When will I get my photos?

I will aim to get photos completed and returned to you within a week of the shoot.

How many photos do you take?

I'll be taking several hundred frames during the session - especially necessary if I cannot anticipate what will happen next. I then narrow it down to about 40 that represent the best shots. I hope you will trust my experience in shot selection, but if when you get the photos back you feel I missed something important, you can let me know and I can check if I have that moment captured.

Where are you based?

I am based in New Cross in South East London. I am willing to travel anywhere in London or within reasonable distance of London - for example, Brighton, so get in touch to discuss.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes, I am willing to do a concessionary price for student shows.

How can I prepare for the shoot?

On the day you can just pretend I'm not there - apart from letting me in, of course. I would like to have as much information as possible about the show before the day so I can prepare.