Trip to Big Buddha

More Tourism at the Big Buddha

This is another bit of Hong Kong I've never seen before, but usually one of the main attractions for tourists. The big buddha is exactly what it sounds like: an impressively large buddha comparatively recently erected at the site of an ancient temple, around which a Disneyland of piped Chinesesque music, Japanese chopsticks shops and Starbucks has grown. Incense is available in RMB, and there is a massive almost-convincing Bodhi tree made out of plastic. I can highly recommend it to anyone concerned with materialism, narcissism, capitalism or any of the other main tenets of classical buddhist teaching.

On the other hand the scenery is still great, and if you walk past Buddhaland to the 'wisdom path' things improve (although there are still inexplicable soft drinks banners that seem to date from the 80s). The temple itself and the vegetarian food are both very pleasant, and the cable car ride is fun too, but there's a lot of queuing involved (and they will twice try to take and sell you a picture of yourself.)

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