Basilisk in London Zoo

A Dangerous Thing

On the Performance Making MA that I'm doing at Goldsmiths at the moment, we've begun work on our final shows festival. The year group has separated up into small companies to make their final pieces which will take the form of a public shows festival at the end of June. We have recently been having a lot of meetings about the most important thing when it comes to making any kind of group effort - what are we going to call ourselves. The festival title went through various different options - 'A Dangerous Thing' was one option, accompanied by this little Basilisk, it was meant to be an ironic reference to the fact that we're making this festival with 'a little knowledge'. In the end though we went with the less specific 'Notes from Upstream' - which I think is actually much better. The picture for that will be this lovely black and white salmon. There will be a website up for it shortly.

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