Alan Turing's Room

Bletchley Park

While I was visiting my mum and brother, we went to see Bletchley Park. We only had an hour to run round before they shut, but it was still great to see it. Pictured above is Alan Turing's room in one of the huts.

Keyboard at Bletchley Park

We managed to sneak into the National Museum of Computing there too just before they shut.We got to see the Colossus computer (the world's first programmable electronic digital computer), a restored and working Dekatron (apparently the oldest original functioning electronic stored program computer in the world), and lots of computer geek nostalgia through the ages. My mum was delighted to see some stuff that she had actually worked on programming had now made its way into a museum. Pictured are the tapes of the Colossus with the computer itself in the background:

Colossus Computer

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