Deptford Creek Skull

Deptford Creek Site-Specific

My next assessment at Goldsmiths is a site-specific project. In this we are able to choose the place we want to work at and with whom we want to create the piece. I'm working with four others - Riham Isaac, Jeanelle Archer, Holly Elson and Poppy Jackson. We'll be performing in Deptford Creek, and are currently researching and developing the piece.

I've been up since five thirty trying to find giant fish heads with little success. I also walked home from Deptford with a three metre pipe yesterday. More news on that soon as we continue to work. We're being tutored by Julia Bardsley, who is very sharp as well as being a bit weird and wonderful. One thing we've all agreed on is that we need to boil some mud and cover ourselves in it.

Deptford Creek-1

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