How to Photograph a Moving Ant

This isn't really a tutorial about how to photograph a moving ant. The best advice I could give would be to find a very slow ant, or possibly a dead one. Instead, I took about 40 blurry ant pictures and maybe 3 usable ones. I put the camera in live view set the manual focus on the 50mm macro to 1:1. Then I chased ants. If I knew what the ants were attracted to, I could doubtless have devised a more sensible technique involving setting up the camera to anticipate where they would go... however there were very few ants, and they seemed completely blasé about the proffered sugar, honey and sesame seeds. Photographing them on mud was also a little bit pointless, and the only nice shots I could get were of them crawling over an old butler's sink randomly placed in the garden.

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