Keston Perry

Keston Perry Headshots

I shot a series of headshots for Keston - I'm not really sure whether to categorise them as 'corporate', but they're in that general territory. They're to go with journal submissions, published articles and so on. I was working around Ewen Henderson court - accommodation for Goldsmiths students. I hadn't shot there before so it was interesting to find some new locations for portraits, though time was a bit limited.

This particular shot is lit pretty much horizontally by a shoot through umbrella to camera left with the flash on 1/4 power. There is a white reflector held vertically just to camera right. The area behind Keston is in shade with a few bits of sunlight reflecting off some metal stuff. I could have removed them in post, but I quite like the effect and I don't think it distracts too much from the subject. I ended up using the umbrella mostly at exactly eye level for this shoot - something I don't usually do, but it worked much better for the shape of Keston's face.

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