Marta Konopka

Marta Konopka Headshots

I was shooting acting headshots for Marta Konopka on the day before I left for Greece at the start of the month. I edited her selections into final versions yesterday immediately after arriving back in London. Happily Marta had also been on holiday so the timing worked out very well. Marta's a student at Goldsmiths on the BA in Drama and Theatre Arts - she's originally from Poland but has the most incredibly convincing British accent. A really enjoyable and relaxed shoot.

We started off in the George Wood Theatre in Goldsmiths, which allowed me to cut down a lot on ambient light as well as having a massive space with black and white walls to change things around with. After that we moved outside - the shot above is taken outdoors under a covered area next to a white brick wall. The light is coming from a single shoot through umbrella above and to camera left (flash at 1/4 I think, f4 and 1/200 - early afternoon). There's no direct sun, but it is bouncing in through the openings directly behind Marta and from camera left. Fill is coming from the white wall off to camera right (no reflector on this shot).

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