wedding in monreale, palermo, sicily

Monreale and Lightroom 5

This photo is from Monreale, which is a town near Palermo on one of the mountains overlooking the city. It's famous for its massive Norman cathedral with gold mosaics, which is really quite beautiful and impressive - definitely worth finding the bus and convincing them to let you buy a ticket (not an easy task). it seemed like there was a wedding about to happen there as it closed, and people were beginning to arrive smartly dressed and without cameras. These three came in and sat at the back of the church - I liked the shot more than the more impressive ones of giant golden stuff, so I'm sharing it first.

The other thing is that I've just installed Lightroom 5, and I wanted to try out the new geek tools on a photo. There's now a radial filter that you can invert - very easy to use, so in this example I just drew an oval around the three in the middle, and upped the clarity, shadows and sharpness slightly to make them pop from the rest of the photo. I also wanted to try the new automatic vertical straightening - which did a great job as originally the pillars were slightly skewed. I wanted to try out the improved spot heal, which is now a brush-like patch tool, but it wasn't quite good enough to get rid of the tourist's arm sticking out of the woman's shoulder on the right, holding an iphone aloft. After a few attempts I resorted to photoshop.

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