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Mr. Nikos

Mr. Nikos (I think I've got his name right) was our coach driver for the summer school in Greece.  He was extremely patient with our three hour meals, and eventually came to join us rather than waiting in the corner.  Towards the end of the course, in Epidaurus, I asked if I could do a portrait of him.  I managed to get just one shot before he moved to stand in front of his bus to give me some context.  Sadly I didn't want the bus because it was too big and shiny and made everything very flat with him standing against it - but it was very difficult to communicate this so I'm glad I shot this one first.

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  1. Hi Ivor I am one of Anne’s friends and have just started an OCA Photography Course and she sent me the link to your website and its very interesting. I really like this shot and the way you have composed it. I particularly like the repeated colours from ‘Mr Nikos’s shirt in the blurred buildings behind him. What aperture and focal length did you use for this shot ? Many Thanks Teresa

    1. Hi Teresa – thank you for your interest! This is a 50mm prime (effectively 80mm on a crop sensor) at f/1.8. I will try to post my settings with my shots more often if it’s useful. :)

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