Sounion Panorama

Panorama from Sounion

This is a panorama taken from the temple of Poseidon at Sounion - the same setting as the portrait of Bettina below - but this time it's Lisa in the shot. It's great that she's standing there to give the panorama some context, but it must have taken me at least a couple of hours in photoshop trying to get things stitched together without her looking like a group of dismembered aliens (she was moving when I took this). This one was a real challenge for my photoshop skills, and I'm really not exactly a landscape type of person - it's assembled from about 70 frames, with the sun flaring into some of them and skewing the exposure (even though camera settings are manual and consistent). Add a moving person and a moving boat and things become really fiddly. Of course the composition is a little off as well - I didn't have enough frames from the right hand edge. I should probably have moved a bit closer and to the right too. Trying to imagine the final panorama of a shot like this is pretty difficult when you're looking through your standard lens in portrait orientation. However, I think I managed to capture something of the atmosphere at least.

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