My mum and a fuji x20

Photos With My Mum in London Bridge

After I started the tutorial series about teaching my mum photography she's been working very hard. She's got a new camera (a Fuji X20) and she's getting to know how to use it. I met up with her and her friends, Anne and Maddy, today around London Bridge to photograph giraffes. The photo above is her (dressed in her cape - 'waterman'?). For those who like to know that kind of thing, the photo is using an 85mm lens at 1/160, f/2.2 and ISO 100.

We'll get round to doing the next bits of the tutorial series soon - with lots of nice new examples from today. In the meantime, I've moved to my new place - still in New Cross - and will have internet next week (3Ging at the moment).

This is one of the giraffes:

Giraffe at London Bridge

85mm, 1/1250, f/2.0, ISO 100.

Edit: you can now see my mum's photos with fast shutter speed

4 thoughts on “Photos With My Mum in London Bridge”

  1. Lovely shot of the caped crusader :-)

    How do you get that great blurred background with the giraffe shot? – Perhaps that could be another tutorial sometime!

    Good to see you and Michelle yesterday


    1. Thanks Anne! The very blurred background is because of having a wide aperture and a long focal length. I’ll be doing aperture next time, so this will definitely come up. :)

    1. Thanks Maddy! It’s mostly down to the lens I’m using and nothing particularly special otherwise – I wouldn’t normally keep such a long lens on my camera walking round, but it does a very nice job of isolating subjects from backgrounds. :)

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