Promotional Photographs for Performers in London

Promotional Shoots

I often get asked to do promotional work for performers, artists and theatre companies who need high quality promotional material for their marketing campaigns and portfolios. This can mean a variety of different things depending on the type of work we're promoting. For individual artists it might involve characterful portraits which evoke a sense of their style and personality. It could be a large set piece in a location that promotes a show set in a similar place. These are generally creative and imaginative shoots that I discuss and plan with clients well in advance of the shoot itself, as requirements for different ideas can vary a lot.


For example, I shot this series of character portraits as promotional work for a piece produced by OPT "Gardzienice" in Poland called Znak Kaina, directed by James Brennan. These were all done in natural light in the countryside, with only a broken mirror and a car's headlights:

Promotional Theatre Photos for Znak Kaina

These became part of an exhibition in Lublin to further promote the show.

Promotional Portfolio

For some more examples of my work , please take a look at my Promotional Photography Portfolio. I have worked with a variety of different artists, dancers and musicians. I regularly post updates about my latest promotional work in my photo blog, with tips about lighting and how we set the shots up.

Session Fee

This varies depending on the requirements and location. Please contact me for a quote.


I reply to both email and phone contact within the day. You can contact me with any questions or requests about specific needs you might have.

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