Ch-ch-ch-changes Sugar Cubes

Ch-ch-ch-changes Installations

Things have been pretty hectic with all the building we're doing for our final shows. We've ended up trying to make three carnival costumes, three miniature installations (8ft by 8ft of stuff like sugar cubes) and adding a considerable amount of video material. The video is largely to compensate for our not being able to use areas of the site that we had previously planned to take the audience to. Unfortunately the site we selected shows the garden behind some offices belonging to Goldsmiths, which are badly neglected and used to dump cigarette ends and other random crap. The exact risks to the audience have never been formally stated, and the only thing the health and safety officer could summon up when questioned related to disability access - clearly not her field. We decided not to fight the politics and to get around the restrictions by using video - featuring the areas that are 'unsafe' for an audience. However, this has made a lot more work for me in putting together and editing last minute stuff for projection. I'm just rendering the films of installations at the moment - this picture is a still from just before filming the sugar cubes/ants installation. I'm doing something quite exciting in Resolume to mix in a live feed randomly among other prerecorded clips in a CCTV-style black and white grid.

Tickets for our show have sold out on the Friday and Saturday but there are some still available on Wednesday - booking is via

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