Miss Rose Cast at Yuen Long Theatre by Theatre Noir

Character Portraits from Miss Rose

I've shot Miss Rose before, so I wanted to do a little bit of extra work to justify Theatre Noir continuing to employ me to shoot it. I brought a single flash with me, and just enough batteries to get through the whole cast using it at full power. The setup was a single flash with a shoot through umbrella, at quite a high angle, with a silver reflector beneath - almost clamshell but with the umbrella slightly offset to camera left. I was working in the wings at Yuen Long, where there is loads of space, but the light is a little bit unpredictable around shows, because it's being turned off and on for various purposes. I therefore wanted as much power out of the flash as possible to make the background go black regardless of the level of ambient light. I think most of these are at 1/160, f/5.6, ISO 100 (you can check by clicking on them.)

I also included the (good-looking) lighting designer, and two of TN's staff who happened to be there.

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