Edinburgh Fringe so far

I’m going to attempt to quickly summarise the events surrounding my arrival in Edinburgh and the first few days here.

I arrived with Yurie and Jacob (of Counter-Active) on the train, and with the trains to our accommodation cancelled we set off straight to the venue with all of our bags.  It turned out to be slightly further from the station than we had anticipated, but it is a lovely venue and worth the walk. 

We arrived just in time for that evening’s press party, for which we were tagged with ominous Masonic symbols in permanant marker on our wrists (it’s still there faintly as I write this).  Counter-Active were to perform in the main hallway - the band, including myself, in the corner by the stairs, with other characters wandering in and out.  It attracted a lot of interest, and various interested parties struck up conversations with our directors, Andrzej and Teresa, about Traumatikon. 

After two separate performances in this fashion, finishing after eleven o’clock, we headed to catch the last bus.  It arrived shortly, but did not stop as it was full.  We were forced to get a taxi as the night bus wasn’t running.  I must admit to being less than impressed with the public transport. 

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