A Bit About Edinburgh

We’ve been having a lot of fun performing in Edinburgh, as well as seeing other shows.  I’ll try and write down some of our adventures to share with people.

Today for example our get in began with the sound system and radio mic having disappeared.  Thankfully the Summerhall crew were extremely helpful and replaced them as soon as they humanly could with even better equipment (thanks also to a crucial adapter from Hotel Medea).  It was still a little worrying, but the performance went well regardless.  Only a bit of speaker hiss, and a delay on the projection to contend with.

We had another fun get in a couple of days ago when we discovered a performance taking place for just over half an hour of our get in time.  When it finished we had to set up our stuff again, but at least Summerhall crew were on hand to help us get it done in time.

Ah, which reminds me of the first stressful thing which was chasing our flyer printer.  Fringeprinting.com - while good value for money, good quality printing and card, sadly delivery is not up to scratch.  Instead of assured delivery on the 4th August as I had been led to expect, I was on the phone to the guy’s friend on the 6th (whose number I’d found on the internet) to get his correct mobile number.  When he finally answered, he was coincidentally in Edinburgh and casually asked me where the venue was - dropping the flyers off about an hour later.  I’d have to advise against using this particular printer.

Apart from that, all’s gone well - we’ve had good feedback, a good review, and the show is improving every night we do it.

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