Hong Kong Theatre | Character Headshots

More shots from Theatre Noir's My Daddy Long Legs. Image design/makeup etc. for the characters was by Image: Victor J. Tong. It wasn't actually part of my brief to shoot these, but I set up a one light style ghetto studio backstage, cajoling the cast into coming for portraits when they were free (some before the dress, at the interval, some after). I'm particularly grateful to Kenneth (Hei Chiu), one of the chorus who helped me out a lot by holding the reflector and gathering people for their portraits. These aren't edited or photoshopped (since I wasn't employed to produce them), and I would have preferred to do them without the mics but time was tight, and costume, makeup and mics were all happening simultaneously.

The set up is really simple - a single flash camera left with a shoot through umbrella, with a reflector below for fill. The light to focus by is coming from above and behind the camera - a single flood that was left on backstage (the backstage area is massive in Yuen Long). The background is a black gate, but it's very big and far away so it just appears black. 85mm lens, not much else to say - I had at most three or four shots of each person, so it was a challenge to get something cool out of them in that short time.

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