Ivor Houlker Performance Self Portrait

“Making a Difference” with Andrea Cusamano

I performed as part of Goldsmiths College's event 'Making a Difference' at St. James' Church. We'd been rehearsing this for a while, painting and fireproofing our paper costumes, constantly adapting to surprises from the organisers. We eventually performed it on 12th February. We began by entering forming a wall, creating space for some contact impro with lights. The second piece was a choral procession involving Aristotle and Antigone texts, borrowing a Georgian song called 'Mirangula' from Brigitte Cirla. The third section was Hamletmachine, in which I was the reluctant Hamlet. It went quite well with the addition of some percussive plastic pipes wielded by our trombonist, Hywel. Sadly, after that there was a power cut and we were forced to abandon the performance.

Andrea Cusamano doing Makeup

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