Michelle Li - Ch-ch-ch-changes

More Ch-ch-ch-changes

We're still working pretty much all day every day on the show. We were in the workshop till 9pm working on the ant farm/sugar cubes installation. After a working dinner in Yao Kee (local restaurant) we ran through the music and Michelle tried the Canton opera makeup for the first time. Her character is a strange mix of anglerfish, punk rocker and Canton opera general. This image is from just as Jeanelle was about to help her put some fake eyelashes on. We've realised it will take about an hour for the makeup alone, so that makes things a little difficult unless she keeps the makeup on while helping with other shows.

There have been some difficulties today with health and safety and permissions for performing in the space, but at least we're getting very nearly finished in terms of the design and structure/music of the show.

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