Panorama of the Ancient Greek Theatre of Thorikos


I'm finally stitching together all my panoramas from Greece.  As a theatre tourist, Thorikos is one of the coolest places you can possibly go.  It's one of the most ancient theatre sites you can look at - its original shape dating back to the 6th century BC.  The orchestra is more oblong than Epidaurus or the current state of the theatre of Dionysus.

One of the things I wanted to do while on the summer course in Greece was to photographically document all the ancient theatre sites for my own reference and future research.  This kind of thing reminds me why it's so useful working in multiple artistic disciplines.  I know at the time I started my BA and began to get interested in ancient Greek theatre I would never have had the technical photographic skill to shoot the theatres I was going to see.  Doubtless I would have stood in the orchestra and shuffled backwards trying to fit all the seats in (in Thorikos, there's a nice steep drop behind the orchestra too).  Of course, the important thing is what the audience sees.  I'm happy with the way this shot turned out - although I had to cheat with photoshop in the corners and manually fix the distortion (no tripod!).  It is really an amazing backdrop behind the orchestra, more powerful than any of the other theatres I went to see.

I would have loved to have more time in the ancient sites just to let it sink in - and it's a shame we only visited Thorikos once in spite of staying so close to it.  I will definitely go back at some point.

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