Redesigned We Are a Real Site

I’ve been completely redesigning the website for We Are a Real Theatre Company using wordpress:

Number 52

The get-in for Number 52 - another show by Rose Bruford graduates Dan Cunningham, Liz Storey and Lauren Cooper.



Men Avoid Jars is over now, and James has gone back down to London - I’ll be staying on in Edinburgh performing with @Counter_Active in Traumatikon for the rest of the week.  More info at

Richard Demarco

Our run may have finished, and the Herald may be choosing not to publish a review of Men Avoid Jars, but we still managed to get ourselves in the photo currently on the front of - that’s Richard Demarco in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre with our golf clubs; James and I are sitting to the right.


This is the space in which we'll be performing Men Avoid Jars at the Edinburgh Fringe.


This is the space we’ll be performing in in Edinburgh

This was Prague, looking across at the National Theatre, at about five in the morning having finished our performances in the Prague fringe.  This picture allows me to imply that it was the national at which we performing, as opposed to the back room of a pub.

Men Avoid Jars at the Summer Ball

I performed as part of “We Are a Real” Theatre Company last Friday, in ‘Men Avoid Jars’.  We managed well in spite of minimal rehearsal times, and came up with some good new material for our next performance, which is likely to be at Edinburgh.