Day Five

This was the second day of the Theatre Zar workshop, led by Jarek again, in which we learnt some more songs and did some new rhythm work (more detail on specific workshops will follow).

Following lunch, we went to the hotel next door to buy icecream, and had a meeting together by the lake with the aforementioned icecream.

There was then a talk given by Faye Lecoq, about a translation of Jacques Lecoq’s book, The Moving Body, being published in Polish.  There was also some discussion of the school, technicalities of applying there, and information about workshops.

It was then the turn of the American group to give a work demonstration of the Rasaboxes technique.  This involved a talk about the technique, exercises by the students and finally a short demonstration of a scene from Chekhov using the rasaboxes. 

Happy hour was a screening of Grotowski’s Acropolis, after which all of the students, as well as some of Theatre Zar, and some organisers from the Grotowski institute met up together in the hostel bar for drinks.

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