Day Three

Today was our second and final day in our initial assigned workshops.  We also found out which workshops we would each be joining for the following three days. 

Leah, Charlotte and I had another Lecoq workshop, on various training exercises for neutral mask, and working on the ‘farewell’ and the ‘journey’ in the mask. 

After lunch we went out for a meeting together on the grass by the lake with Alexia, to dicuss details for tomorrow’s preparations and presentation. 

Teatr ZAR gave a presentation of songs and photographs, discussing their inspiration in Georgia and Zar funeral songs.

The teachers of Murcia school gave a short presentatioin, involving informative videos, and took questions via a translator.

In the break following, we all went out by the lake to walk through the Kantor piece, just to remind ourselves of the order.  During this, Andrzej and Teresa arrived, and we went back inside to talk with them. 

There followed a performance by the Murcia school, showcasing training techniques they had been exploring, followed by another question and answer session.

We were then given the use of the space, and ran through the piece with Andrzej and Teresa giving direction.  They have a lovely old piano here, with candle holders, that we will hopefully be able to use. 

After this it was too late to do much except walk home, it being a Sunday night, and we went to a 24 hour shop on the way.

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