Second Day

After a breakfast of ham and jam (accompanied by a comparatiely comprehensive selection of pastries), we made our way to the Grotowski centre half an hour early in order to find out which workshops we would be taking part in. 

From 9am till 1pm, I, along with Leah, Charlotte, Tryggvi and Cristina, took part in the Jacques Lecoq school workshop on neutral mask.  Harry took part in Murcia’s workshop on voice.  Águsta, Oli, Hayley and Jesús took part in the Teatr ZAR workshop on song and rhythm, while Dan, Eilis and Emma took part in the local Wroclaw school’s workshop on text.

We had a lunch of gulasz and rice, after which we went to relax on the grass outside.  At 3pm we were called back to attend a screening of a film entitled Acting Therapy from the Grotowski institute, immediately followed by Faye Lecoq’s presentation on the Lecoq school.

Another salad and another trip to the centre, this time for a performance by Teatr ZAR, entitled Caesarian Section, Essays on Suicide.  I’m afraid we then quietly escaped ‘Happy Hour’ in order to go and have some food and sleep.

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