Leah Georges - Actor's showreel, audition tape

Interested In 30 Seconds (Leah Georges Film Challenge)

This is Leah, looking suddenly quite interested in something.


This was a video audition tape I made for Leah Georges, which was a bit of a challenge but turned out to be a lot of fun. We had a couple of hours to film, edit and submit this - Leah had been asked to send a video for audition, on the same day, which showed her turning on a tv, becoming interested in something, and then leaving. All of this had to fit into 30 seconds. I think we did a pretty good job of it, but unfortunately Leah didn't get the part. Perhaps they thought we were taking the piss a little bit by producing it properly instead of doing it in one take on a phone. Or perhaps they found someone more efficient in becoming interested quickly.

Here's the video, with more info about how we did it below:

Set up

As you can see, there's one practical light in the back right of the room - some kind of Ikea paper thing. To camera right of Leah is a big circular diffuser, jammed in the side of the sofa. Behind that is one of the two redheads pointed straight at it with the barn doors adjusted not to go anywhere else. Fill light is provided by a white door opened at the right angle just off to camera left. The second redhead is pointed towards a TV sized sheet of white paper just behind and to the right of the camera. Michelle is operating it - she turns it on at the same time Leah presses the remote, and then waves a large blue gel in front of it to mimic the changing light of the TV.

Diagram of lighting for Leah's film

It's shot on a dslr, and I can't remember exactly but I think it was ISO 160, 1/48 at 24fps, and around f/3.5 - using Marvel's Cine Picture Style. The editing and colour grading is all done inside Premiere, with some of the Magic Bullet tools (we only had a very short amount of time to edit and upload it). Sound is recorded on a tascam, and additional TV sound recorded later (from a real TV, put in the same room).

Now, all this might seem a little bit over the top for 30 seconds of footage - but we had fun and learnt stuff by making it this way.

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