Video Project | Sweet Sauce Egg

This is a recipe dramatisation based on a true story, and real food, cooked by a real person. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the name of this particular dish. Apparently the HKSAR-approved interpretation of the spelling is 'Swiss Sauce Egg', which is often misinterpreted by foreigners as 'Sweet Sauce Egg' on account of the sauce being sweet, bearing no apparent relation to Switzerland, and the elision of certain consonants in the regional English accent. I'm not sure what the PRC policy is on this, but I'm sure the Swiss government would refuse to take sides on the matter.

The Video:

How It Was Done:

Believe it or not this was not simply a case of me getting a camera out in the kitchen and pointing it at things. I had a softbox, a tripod, a dslr with a 50mm lens, and a zoom H6 for audio on an additional stand. The grading in post is done with the magic bullet suite inside Premiere. However, all the cooking is real, and the interview is unrehearsed - basically Michelle was cooking and I was messing around instead of helping. The appropriately dramatic music is some nice royalty free stuff. The whole thing was really just to test out some new stuff that I was intending to use on a real video, which I'll be posting soon.

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